This is a service framework that takes highlighted text as input and, after executing a script, it returns the highlighted text augmented by the result. Inputs can be numbers to indicate actuator addresses, or function to indicate commands. A service to execute home automation commands using selected keywords in text files.

He is the syntax used:

  • Numbers.  A number input causes the script to: toggle the status:
    • ON/OFF in case of the light devices.
    • UP/DOWN in case of motors. If the motor is in the STOP state the scripts ask the the user to select UP or DOWN
  • Names. returns the name and its related values (parameters). Below is a list of possible names:
    • Router - returns the router name and its IP address
    • Gateway - returns the gateway IP address, its clock, and its model
    • Temperatures or Probes - returns the list of probes and their temperatures
    • Lights - returns a list of light actuators
    • Motors - returns a list of motor actuators
    • Auxiliaries - returns a list of auxiliaries, their values and it allows to reset them.
    • Undefined words - return a menu of defined words
    • Devices - Ask for a device ID to discover its type, configuration and status and change its status.
  • Functions. A name followed by a number in parenthesis.
    • ON(n), OFF(n), UP(n), DOWN(n), STOP(n), Block(n), Unblock(n)
    • Power(n), Energy(n), Lights(n), Motors(n), Probes(n), Delay(n), Gateways(n)
  • List of items separated by commas.  Executes every item in sequence as described above

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