thermograph is a device to log temperature measurements over time.  I built one using a pulse counter (3522), an external temperature probe, a switch, and some scenarios in MH200N. Now, I can check the global warming from the roof of my house in Florence, and I am looking forward to log the data using a 3522N that stores data for the last 12 years.

How does it work? The thermograph is a counter logging the pulses received each hour of the day, it receives one pulse for each degree centigrade of temperature. For example, dividing the number the pulses received in a month by the number of hours of the month, one can easily get the average temperature for the month. iMyHome and the Touch Display show the total number of pulses received in a month. Any bright ideas on how to analyze the collected data?  

Here follows a screen shot of iMyHome in the iPad showing the data collected today.

IMG 3936 (1)

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