A door with sensors, network cameras, and a motorized lock that can be managed remotely using iPhone, Mail and Calendar. There are simple automations like opening the door remotely, turn ON a light when the door is opened and turn OFF the light when the door is closed.  But, in our door implementation in Florence, Italy, there are several synergies among alarm system, smart motorized locks, network cameras, IR sensors, and web video servers.

The sensors welcome visitors by turning ON the light and sounding the front door bell.  The automation of the alarm system, can operate the motorized locks and turn the lights, and the network cameras can send e-mails with images.   The resulting operation of the door requires a interactive manual on itself to describe all features.

The user may access a smart document to inquire about the door status, the log, check the front and back images, and open it by clicking hyperlinks if needed.  Also, the user may send  e-mail messages with specific Subject fields to turn ON the light temporarily, to receive an e-mail showing an image of the door, or to open the door. All received mails are archived to audit the services performed in the premises.


 Giovanna Pellegrino durante la sua creazione "Las Nubes"

Porta Serena

Door opened at sunset. The light turns on when the door opens e it turns off when the door closes. The network camera sends an e-mail every time the image changes.

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