This section contains installation diagrams of implemented systems. There is security, automation, and energy bus systems.

The user subscribes to the following services:  GSM network for cellular access, PSTN network for telephone access, DSL for Internet access, and  Web Portal for home remote access and management..

The customer equipment in the home consists of:

First, the network gateways. The DSL Modem and Router, a gateway between the Internet and the Local Area Networks (Ethernet and Wi-Fi).  The router enable access for personal devices like IPod Touch, PC and MAC to communicate with the home controller to manage devices connected to the automation bus and the cameras attached to the F452V . The F452V allows the user to access the home automation system through the internet.

Second, the local access servers. Web Video Server  F452V to manage the video cameras,  sends e-mails to the user about technical and alarm events, and communicates with the Portal.  The MH200, a scenario programmer that manages only the devices on the SCS Automation Bus.  

And third, the Alarm system with the central 3500GSM to control the devices on the SCS Alarm Bus and the SCS Automation Bus through the F422 interface.  The Central 3500GSM enables the user access by telephone and GSM to arm and disarm the alarm system, and to execute open commands to control the devices on  the automation bus.

Busoni Network

There are several bus systems with cables of different colors: The AI-SCS bus of the security system has a red cable and there are not any segments. The Auto-SCS bus of the automation and energy systems has a gray cable and it may have several segments (logical, and physical). And the AV-SCS bus in the audio video system has a white cable and a central audio matrix forming a star. The LAN bus has a CAT 5 cable and a central ADSL router.  The VRV bus in air conditioning has a yellow cable to control the air conditioning units.                                                 

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