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Check you tube for a demo of a WHICE.

  • Key 5 and Key 6 are used to enable and disable scenarios.
  • Key 1 to key 3 defines the gestures.
  • Key 4 - End key for all gestures.

Key 1 gesture- Gestures starting with key 1 and ending with key 4.

Key 2 gesture - Gestures starting with key 2 and ending with key 4.

Key 3 gesture - Gestures starting with key 3 and ending with key 4.

Each key from 1 to 4 may execute a two sets ( A and B) of scenarios.  By pressing key 5 it enables the set A and it disable the set B.  By pressing key 6 it enables the set B and it disble the set A. Therefore the first four keys trigger different scenarios depending on wheather key A or key B is pressed before pressing the key 1 to key 4. 

There are 15 possible gestures that can be done using 4 keys (1,2,3,4) that end on key 4, which is used to end the sequence of keys.  Each gesture can be preceeded by key 5 or key 6 resulting on a 30 possible gestures.  Key 5 is used to indicate the start of a scenography, and key 6 is used to end the scenography.

A scenography is a concept I use to indicate two scenarios, a first one to start the scene, and a second to end the scene. Next is a presentation in Italian.

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